Our Food

Our vision is to have a space that is welcoming and safe and that serves food that is good both for you and for our community. That is why we choose to use organic and local whenever possible. We value our local farmers and the amazing food they produce and have developed fruitful relationships with many over the years. Because of those relationships we are able to offer you a range of items that are built upon food grown and made right here in San Luis Obispo county.

Our hope is that our business benefits those beyond the many who come through our doors and we believe that that is most possible when we work with and for the local community. If you have any questions about the food we serve and where if comes from you can message us under the ‘contact’ tab or by coming on down to the cafe!

Where our food comes from

Most of our food is grown or made locally right here in San Luis Obispo county. Every week we go to the local farmers market and get a range of food from produce to milk. There are, however, occasions when what we need is not available to us locally and in those cases we do the best we can to support our local grocery stores. Again if there are any questions about our food please leave us a message or come in and say hello!