Baker, Loo Crew


At Sally Loo's Wholesome Cafe, we strive to create an environment that builds community and brings people together. This is why we choose people to work at Sally Loo’s who will make a great addition to the family. Join the Loo Crew as a baker babe. Bakers come in early, have a list of required baking for the day and get to work. We do not require professional experience but you must have a passion for baking in general.


Part time (10-20 hours)



  • Passion for baking

  • Reliable and able to show up to the cafe by 4am

  • Able to meet the day’s production goals in a reasonable amount of time

  • Measure or weigh flour and other ingredients to prepare batters, doughs and icings

  • Prepare and measure batters in the appropriate pans to ensure consistency

  • Ensure ingredients are ready for use each day, which might include chopping nuts, fruit or blending spices

  • Coordinate with front-of-house on new or expired baked goods